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Innovation / Introducing Fabpixi®

Introducing Fabpixi®

Introducing Fabpixi®
Introducing Fabpixi, the fabulous picture switching service.

VGL has long been a flag-waver for fabric prints, hence our motto – ‘the future is fabric’. We’re already sold on the elegance of the systems and its energy saving credentials, but it also prints like a dream, creating stunning, colour-intense reproductions.

Fabric is a mainstay of our commercial interiors business, so we thought we’d go one step further: offering changeable fabric systems to a broad audience, making it affordable and above all, user friendly. It’s called Fabpixi and it’s all about great systems, exceptional prints and fabulous image libraries we created for Surface View.

At VGL we have an eye for the beautiful and the curious. In 2006 we launched Surface View, offering professional quality bespoke print direct to customers. Combining innovative print products with highly curated image collections from the big names in art, design and culture, Surface View transforms domestic and commercial interiors and is now a unique presence in the world of design and graphics.

Our fabulous new service, Fabpixi, is the logical progression, as it perfectly combines VGL’s fabric systems and Surface View’s eye for design. We’re convinced that fabric represents the future of interior print. By combining it with our smart print system, extensive image libraries and studio support, Fabpixi let’s you transform your space as much as you want, whenever you like.

To find out more, explore the new website and if you find something that inspires you, spread the word. Fabpixi. You won’t forget it.