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The Craft of Digital

The Craft of Digital
In 1976, VGL started life as a family-run screen print company. Despite embracing the many technological breakthroughs of the last 35 years, it’s a process that remains close to our hearts – so much so that we still have an entire site dedicated to it.

We’re fortunate. The people we work with understand the importance of the skills required to produce great screen print. The size of the mesh, the squeegee angle, screen exposure and temperature – there are numerous variables to control. A common mistake in digital printing is to disregard the variables, in the hope that the technology will step in. It doesn’t work like that. There’s more to it than simply pushing a button.

We’ve always invested in technology at VGL and we have many different machines. Not because we collect them, but because each machine has a particular strength. If we’re producing duratrans we use the best available photo processor. Likewise, our textile prints are only ever produced on genuine fabric printers. In short, we cover the entire range of digital variables so our clients can depend on the real deal.

We look carefully at an image, consider what it is being printed on and what it’s being used for, and then we print it with the best available process. After all, digital is still a craft. It’s all about knowing how to prepare an image, how to select the right materials, and how to use the most appropriate machinery.

It’s a luxury we continue to invest in, and one that continues to benefit our clients.