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This year’s VM & Display Show was a brilliant event and it was great to see lots of new faces, as well as a few familiar ones.

Our textured wall vinyl created a lot of attention as well as our bold fabric graphics and cardboard bears (designs courtesy of paperwolf). The phrase we kept hearing was; “it really pops!”…
Thanks to our high quality flatbed printing and new technology in textile printing, the quality and versatility of print clearly made an impression.

We’re looking forward to hearing from everyone we met at the show and we can’t wait to see what opportunities lay ahead! We hope to see you all next year.

If you missed us at the show and want to send us an enquiry, click here
Fabpixi framing system
Fabpixi framing system
Reusable graphics and display systems are becoming more and more important to our customers. There is an ever growing need for more cost effective implementation as well as greener production methods, without compromising on the print quality for our customer’s graphics.

At VGL, we have worked hard to be able to offer these more cost effective and greener solutions for our clients. By developing our new, easy to install Fabpixi frame system our customers are able to install premium quality fabric graphics and update them time and time again by simply ordering a new fabric for their frame.

Using our Fabpixi frame system means that you can choose a frame at the size you need it. You can have it installed onto a wall, as a free standing frame or even as a backlit lightbox. The elegant aluminium edge frame system can even be powder coated to a colour to suit your scheme.

When you decide you want to change the image or messaging for your graphic, you can leave the frame exactly where it is and just replace the fabric graphic with a new one that we can send out to you. So there’s no need to have a specialist installation team to change over your graphics each time.

We continue to invest in our fabric printing capabilities. Printing with water-based dyes on a wide range of fabrics, digital textiles are lightweight, easy to handle and are much more energy efficient to ship. They are also recyclable, reducing costs to you and the environment.

The application for these solutions are far reaching, whether it’s changing seasonal graphics or sale messaging for your shop or just updating the look of the office, using fabrics or ‘soft signage’ gives you the flexibility to change things up as often as you like.