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Resources / Artwork Guidelines
    • Artwork Guidelines

      We use Adobe Creative Suite (Illustrator, Photoshop & InDesign). This is the preferred format for your files but we can also accept Quark files. If you can not supply any of these formats then please contact us for advice.

      The ideal scale to work to is either 10% or 100%. You can use other scales but please ensure that the sizes are in the correct proportion to the actual print size; please tell us the scale used.

      Please ensure that extra image is available as bleed outside the edge of the finished print.

      Rich Black
      Single colour black tends to look very weak, we suggest you make all blacks 4 colour, such as 50% each cyan/yellow/magenta and 100% black.

      As a general guide for large format try to work to around 100dpi for raster image files (JPEGs/TIFFs etc).

      Getting your files to us
      Use our Drop Point - the simple and secure way to send your files.
      Learn more about Drop Point
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      Alternatively you can supply any form of physical media, disks, memory sticks or send the files to us digitally. We are also happy to download from you if you have facilities, please email us with the appropriate link.