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Materials / Wood
  • Wood
    The natural look of a duo-tone or full colour image reproduced on wood has become increasingly popular. Thanks to our specialist flat bed digital equipment we can offer a wide range of printing possibilities on materials up to 40mm thick. If you have any questions about printing on wood, please feel free to call us.
    • Wood
    • Sizes
      Wood can be printed in panels measuring up to 3124mm x 1600mm. Because it’s a non-contact process we can also print on textured or panelled products such as doors.
      A wide range of finishes will help you achieve your desired effect, form matt, satin, gloss and textured, to pin board, cork and standard ply. What’s more, they all look fantastic.
    • Construction
      You may require simple ‘A’ boards or promotional panels, but if you need to clad an entire wall or area we can help with installation – simply drop us a line to discuss your specific requirements.