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Technology / Rhotex 320
  • Rhotex 320
    The best printer for the industrial soft signage sector

    Textile promotional media such as flags, banners or wall-coverings are becoming increasingly popular. That’s why we have installed real fabric printers – not inkjet printers that compromise the true look and feel of the fabric. Digital textiles look fantastic and as they are lightweight, they are easy to hang, install, distribute and store.
    • Rhotex 320
    • - Polyester fabrics printed with Rhotex water-based inks are kind to the environment, 100% recyclable, and disposable
      - Completely odour free and produce no VOCs (volatile organic compounds)
      - Up to 2 years durability for exterior applications
      - Print width up to 3.2m
      - 72m2 per hour